American Junior Golf Association

Participation in the Future Tour Championship provides performance Stars to the AJGA circuit.

Performance Based Entry

Performance Based Entry was introduced in 2003 as the means to determine AJGA tournament fields. This enables members to earn their way into AJGA tournaments based on performances at the national, regional and state levels.

The AJGA is committed to providing the best exposure for young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships. The Performance Based Entry process will continue to ensure the strongest fields possible for AJGA events while also providing opportunities for anyone who has earned the right to compete at this level.

Disclaimer: The AJGA website,, is the official source for information regarding Performance Based Entry and is subject to change. The AJGA is not responsible for information received or published from other sources.

Visit the AJGA Website for more info here
For more information about Mississippi Golf and the AJGA Stars contact Adam with the Mississippi Golf Association

PBE Status

Girls OverallChampion2 Performance Stars
Girls OverallTop 31 Performance Stars
Boys (14-18)Champion2 Performance Stars
Boys (14-18)Top 51 Performance Stars
Boys (12-13)Champion1 Performance Stars


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